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'''If you need help, first contact:'''
'''If you need help, first contact:'''
Edith Beatty<br>  
Jessica Applegate<br>  
Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction<br>
Director of Learning Design<br>
(802) 334-5847 Ext. 2024<br>
(802) 334-5847 Ext. 2024<br>
[mailto:Edith.Beatty@ncsuvt.org Edith.Beatty@ncsuvt.org]<br>
[mailto:Jessica.Applegate@ncsuvt.org Jessica.Applegate@ncsuvt.org]<br>

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If you need help, first contact:

Jessica Applegate
Director of Learning Design
(802) 334-5847 Ext. 2024

VCAT System Administrators/Additional Support

If additional support is needed, contact VCAT Support