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VCAT has been set up with validation steps to guide you and facilitate the process. Those steps have been incorporated in the generation of the SECT reports.

SECT Reports

To run the SECT reports:

• Login to VCAT1, go the Reports tab/ Quick sub tab.

• Select the VT SECT report (last one at the bottom).

• Select 2014-2015.

• Select the school (one school at a time - repeat these steps for each individual school).

This will bring you to the validation steps:

STEP 1: Validate SECT Data

This step will provide you with a list of issues that need to be addressed before proceeding to the next steps and being able to submit your SECT reports. The State only allows for 1 (and only one) Teacher of Record per section. If a section has more than one teacher of record assigned to a section in VCAT, for example, the system will tell you and will also provide you with the name of the section(s) so you'll know which ones need to be fixed. Other examples of issues you might find in this step are students and/or educators missing their state ID. In order for those students and/or educators to be part of the reports, their state ID must be entered in VCAT.

To enter a student state ID:

• Go to Students tab.

• Click on Edit sub tab.

• In the field in the Students palette, type in the last name or the first name.

• Press the Search button.

• If your search returns more than one student, click on the Local ID for the student you are interested in.

• In the State ID field, type in the student's state ID.

• Hit the Save Changes button.

To enter an educator state ID:

• Go to Staff tab.

• Click on Edit sub tab.

• In the Name or ID field, type in the last name or the first name.

• Hit Enter or click on Filter button.

• To select the educator, click on the Edit button to the left of the educator's userid.

• Under the Information tab, type in the educator's state ID in the State ID field.

• Hit the Save button.

Once you have reviewed and taken care of Validation Issues, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 2: Educator Course Summary

This step provides you with the list of all educators part of the SECT reports, with their role and each course they teach. This is the perfect opportunity to review that information and make sure it all makes sense. If you'd like to sort by a particular column, just click on the header of that column.

If you notice an educator whose assignment is incorrect, you need to go to the Staff tab/ Edit sub tab to make the correction.

Once you have reviewed the Educator Course Summary and made necessary changes if needed, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 3: Missing SECT Data

This step lists the 'missing' data, based on where there should be SECT data. When you know that all your data has been entered but VCAT still displays 'missing' data, you should review that list and look closely at the students and the courses for which they are missing data. Often, the students missing data are students that have left early in the year and do not have data. In this case, there is no need to worry about them. All the 'missing' data does not show up on the final SECT reports. On the other hand, if you notice students that should have data, this gives you the opportunity to investigate why they are showing up without any data and make sure that data gets entered for them.

Once you have reviewed the Missing Data and students left in the list truly belong in the list, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 4: Valid SECT Data

In a readable format (compare to the official .csv State files), this step shows you the list of all the data part of the SECT reports.

To get to the official files required by the State, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 5: Vermont Student Teacher Educator Transcript Report

This step gives you the official files (two of them) to download.

To download the School Courses File, click on the Download School Courses File blue link. It will create the file and download it to your computer. Once downloaded, click the Exit Report and click on Download Student Transcripts File to download that file as well.

Now that you have both files on your computer, you need to upload both of them to the SECT section of the Students Census.