Selecting Information

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Single Selection

1. Click on 'Not Set' in the Information box to bring up the list of information. If any information had previously been selected, clicking on it in the Information box will allow you to change your selection. When your information is highlighted in blue, selecting a different piece of Information by clicking on its name will replace the previous selection.

VCAT2 NotSetInfoBox.png

For Entering Data, only one piece of information can be selected.

For Viewing Data, multiple pieces of information can be selected.

2. Click on the Information (e.g. Report Card Grade 4) to reveal its unit(s) and select the unit you wish to enter data for (e.g. Reading Standards). To remove a selected piece of information, click on the name of a new piece of information you wish to select in its place or remove the check. You can also get rid of it by clicking on the 'x' in the top left of the Information box or using the 'clear all' right below.

VCAT2 InfoRepCard selectingReading.png

NOTE: The list of information can be lengthy and spread over multiple pages. By default, only the first page will be displayed. At the top, you can adjust the number of entries per page if you like or use the filter bar. The list of information can be filtered by Type, Grade, and/or Subject to narrow down the selection. Use the Clear button on the right of the Subject filter to cancel all filters.

Number of Entries per page VCAT2 perPage.png

Filter Bar VCAT2 InfoFilter.png

Multiple Selections

There are two ways to select multiple pieces of information:

1. After selecting one piece of information, simply click in the box (not on the name) in front of the other information you want to select. (Clicking on the name will select that information BUT replace your first selection)

2. After selecting one piece of information, click on the + right below the Information Box. It will add a box for which you just select the information by clicking its name or the box in front of its name.