Student Accounts

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New Student

Before adding a student, it is important to verify that the student doesn't already exist in VCAT to avoid creating duplicates. If the student does exist, you only need to edit his account. If the student is not found, you will need to create a new student account.

Searching for a student

• Select All Students

WIKI VCAT2 AllStudents.png

• Click on Student List

WIKI VCAT2 StudentList.png

• The student may have a different spelling of his name so typing only part of the last name or part of the first name in the Name or ID field of the filter bar will help working around that.

WIKI VCAT2 StudentList MenuBar Name.png

If the student is listed, click on the Edit button in front of his name to update his account.

Creating a new student

Editing a student

There are three sections in a student account: Information, Sections, and Demographics. You can travel from one section to another by just clicking on the tabs (Information, Sections, Demographics). If you make changes under multiple tabs, you do not need to Save under each one but at least once before exiting that student account. Even though a Delete button is visible, do NOT delete any student yourself. If for some reason a student must be deleted (e.g. duplicate), please contact us at with more details and we will gladly take care of it for you.

WIKI VCAT2 StudentList Edit Info.png

WIKI VCAT2 StudentList Edit Sections.png

WIKI VCAT2 StudentList Edit Demographics.png