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Welcome to the VCAT Wiki, your online community in the world of VCAT!

This Wiki is maintained by the creators and users of VCAT. It contains general information for all users and for users from specific school districts and supervisory unions.

The System

A Complete Solution

The Vermont Comprehensive Assessment Tool (VCAT) is a powerful web-based system which enables teachers and administrators to plan, administer, and assess student learning based specifically on a district’s curriculum, the Vermont Standards, and the new Common Core Standards. This easy to use and intuitive suite offers the tools necessary to support and enhance data-driven decision making. It is used with about 28,000 Vermont Students.

• Developed in Vermont to meet the needs of Vermont schools.

• Allows you to deliver your district curriculum to your teachers over the web.

• Teachers assess students using your rubrics. Results are stored directly in your database.

• Incorporates data from NECAP, DRA, Fountas & Pinnell, PNOA, and other standardized tests.

• Allows you to keep track of student demographic data like Gender, IEP, Race, and SES.

• Performance reports are available directly from the system.

• All Vermont Standards, Vermont Grade Expectations, Common Core Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards are included in the system.

• Access control system limits access to appropriate data.

• Highly secure system uses Unix, SQL, Java and other enterprise-level technology.

• Works with any web browser. No special software or hardware required.

• Standard web interface is quick and easy to learn.

• Costs just $6.00 per student per year. Includes training and support for primary technical and curriculum personnel.


Curriculum Delivery

• Teachers have access to district curriculum.

• District development personnel can enter curriculum directly into the system.

• Scoring rubrics can be easily created and linked to standards and your curriculum.

• Supports on-going development and modification of curriculum.

Curriculum Information

• Teachers can view information about the curriculum and the assessment.

WIKI VCAT2 Curriculum page.png

WIKI VCAT2 Assessment page.png

Assessment Collection

• Teachers use rubrics to enter assessment scores for their students directly into the system.

• All assessments include verifying information on the person entering the scores to insure complete integrity of the data.

• Web-based system allows access directly from any computer with internet access.

Rubrics Included

• Rubrics are designed and entered directly in VCAT.

WIKI VCAT2 Rubric page.png

Assessment Entry

• Teachers enter assessment data directly into the system

WIKI VCAT2 DataEntry.png

Data Storage

• Every district has a unique database and full access to the raw data.

• Secure password-protected system insures confidentiality.

• Extensive access-control system limits staff to appropriate areas and data.

• Includes centralized storage of all assessment data.

Access Control

• The system limits access to data.

WIKI VCAT2 JF access.png

WIKI VCAT2 JF access Overview ViewData.png

WIKI VCAT2 JF access Overview EditData.png

To get more information on how to use VCAT, go to Basic Skills on the left and select an item.

Information for specific School Districts and Supervisory Unions is available here.